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GIpro X-Type Gear Indicator & Shift Light

Product code : GPX
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Healtech Electronics
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Part Number - GIpro X-Type
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The all new GIpro-X from HealTech Electronics Ltd. is the third GIpro variant in the range. This PLUG N PLAY Gear Position Indicator/Shift Light will fit ALL motorcycles and vehicles which have electronically driven speedometer (either analog or digital readout).

GIpro X-Type can also now be fitted to bikes with cable driven speedos by selecting the WSS (Wheel speed sensor) kit which comes with all wiring included to install without the need for cutting or soldering of wires.

Due to a modern processor and sophisticated firmware, the GIpro-X offers faster and more reliable readings than competitive products.

The same size as the GIpro-DS this is also the smallest, most compact gear indicator on the market, making it easy to mount at the instrument cluster. Just the perfect size.

It has a clear front face which goes along nicely with the factory instruments.

The product is available with Red, Blue, Green, White or Yellow LED display.

We offer bike specific looms to make the installation quick and simple. The module is auto learning, there are no buttons and no programming wire. Just go through the gears and you are done.

Programmable Shift Light function as well as High Speed Warning feature is included. You won’t find this feature set in other products.

The product is rugged, 100% weatherproof and comes with 2-years replacement warranty.

 Check out the new GIpro Mount, a neat way to fit GIpro X Type to any handlebar.

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Yamaha Fazer 1000 Gen 1

Julian pritchard | 8th November, 2012

I fitted the GIpro X-Type Gear Indicator to my Yamaha Fazer 1000 Gen 1, Easy to fit, just 2 wires and a plug all wiring behind the right hand side panel. and really easy to set up. Excellent product


Dennis Cundell | 28th January, 2012

Superb bit of kit, great quality, easy to fit and a doddle to set up - The Best gear indicator, solid reliabilty and no gliches or errors, Acumen please take note!!!


Mark Melhado | 8th May, 2011

An excellent product! Easy to install, quick to set up and easy to read at a glance on the move.


Mark Melhado | 8th May, 2011

An excellent product! Easy to install, quick to set up and easy to read at a glance on the move.

GlPRO X Type - CBRXX1100

Andy Talbot | 30th March, 2011

VERY easy to fit, as the hype says it's just plug and play. From start to finish it takes just 60 minutes and programming is almost idiot proof.

The ECU is sited under the seat at the rear. Scotch lock the supplied green/black wire into the yellow wire on the ECU

The speed sensor block is under the rear of the tank (just lift it slightly), plug in the custom wiring loom.

Route the wires and connect it to the display unit which is small enough to mount anywhere.

Programme ... job done :o)


terry | 13th January, 2011

fantastic product very easy to fit, it took less than 20 minutes

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