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ProTi Honda Bolts

Product code : PROTIHONDA
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Honda Model
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N.B. if your model is not listed above please enquire, we may be able to find a kit that will fit your bike.


The 64TI (Ti-6Al-4V) titanium alloy consists of 90% titanium + 6%aluminum + 4%vanadium, normally we call it 64Ti or Grade 5 titanium.  

The 64TI (Ti-6Al-4V) titanium alloy has higher strength, hardness, and anti-impact performance than pure titanium; due to its difficulty to refine, the price in market is almost 3 times that of pure titanium.
A few manufacturers produce cheap titanium products from uncertain material providers resulting in poor quality products.
For providing high quality products we use high standard material which is approved from ASTM to ensure every customer purchase is the highest quality of 64TI (Ti-6Al-4V) titanium alloy products.



Most of the 64Ti bolts in the market are machined by way of CNC cutting which can result in the brittle weak spots.



We have successfully processed 64Ti bolt by fully forging. During testing and with precise adjustment during processing, our hot and cold forging technique has become more reliable and has allowed us to make the tensile strength reach grade 10.9 which is higher than that of CNC cutting  (about grade 7-8).


The diagrams below shows how CNC machining creates weak points that the fully forged process does not.





It is costly & difficult to fully forge 64Ti due to its unique properties and melting point. So far few manufacturers have made true fully forged bolts and with most of them the socket is still CNC machined which retains the weak points. This is the easiest way to complete the forging process, we call it ‘’Half Forged’’, main strength is acceptable but still pretty far from our technique.




The PROTI fully forged 64Ti bolt is all fully forged in one piece from socket to body, keeping the material flow stress completed instead of cutting them off. There are 3 colours for you to choose from,  they are totally distinct from others in every detail and quality, and that is also our promise to every customer.





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